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Divorce is overwhelming. To make it easier we have broken the Divorce mediation process down into 6 digestible steps.


You have worked hard to build your life. Divorce doesn’t have to mean destroying that. Through Divorce Mediation, I am able to help you find closure while you build your new life.


Thanks so much for all of your hard work in helping us resolve things in an amicable way, and I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone that is in the same situation. I’ve heard some horror stories from other folks that have gone through divorces  so thanks again for your speedy resolution.S.M.



Welcome to the Jarratt Law Firm, I hope we can help you during your divorce. At the Jarratt Law Firm, we understand that getting divorced involves a series of life changes that can be overwhelming. First, you have to decide it’s over. Then, you have to inform your spouse. Next, you have to decide how to proceed legally. During the proceedings, you will be making decisions about the kids, where to live, and how to divide your assets. Divorce can overwhelm you unless you get help to get through it.

Fortunately, you have found me. My name is Amanda M. Jarratt. I am a Divorce Attorney Mediator. I have created a mediation program that decreases the burden of getting divorced.

You may be wondering how anything could possibly make getting a divorce less difficult. I assure you that with the right guide, the transition from married to single can be done smoothly. I have designed a comprehensive Divorce Mediation Program that allows you and your spouse to find the closure you need without stepping foot in a court room, that moves at your pace, and that keeps you in control of your life.

I spent over a decade litigating in court. Going to court to get divorced will create three problems you do not need during your divorce.   Getting divorced in court will take way too long, getting divorced in court will cost way too much money, and getting divorced in court will cause you way too much distress.

Determined to improve my clients’ divorce experiences, I focused on negotiating settlements for my clients so they could divorce faster, less expensively, and with less stress. My client satisfaction improved, but I knew I could do more, so I went in search of another answer. That answer is Divorce Mediation.

As a divorce mediator, I am a neutral using my legal knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills to help both spouses find closure, figure out how to return to single life, and how to share parenting. Using divorce mediation, I am able to deliver a divorce process that is fast, affordable, and comforting. Divorce is hard, but I am doing what I can to make it easier. Learn more about how I do this by checking out Our Process.

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A Guide To Getting Divorced For Less Money, In Less Time, and With Less Stress