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Divorce is overwhelming. To make it easier we have broken the Divorce mediation process down into 6 digestible steps.


You have worked hard to build your life. Divorce doesn’t have to mean destroying that. Through Divorce Mediation, I am able to help you find closure while you build your new life.


Thanks so much for all of your hard work in helping us resolve things in an amicable way, and I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone that is in the same situation. I’ve heard some horror stories from other folks that have gone through divorces  so thanks again for your speedy resolution.S.M.



At Jarratt Martin Law, LLP, we offer a full range of family law, divorce mediation, and estate planning services. We are here to support your family through life’s transitions.

We are compassionate and skilled attorneys who take a holistic approach when handling your matter. We consider the impact of our advice on you, your children, and your financial well-being.  We give you the information to make informed choices by explaining the practical impact of your legal decisions. We never forget that the legal case is only one component of the transitions you are experiencing.

We employ a settlement focused approach to divorce and family law matters. We encourage parties to mediate their disputes rather than litigate. Mediation saves your family time, money and stress and allows you to focus on the future rather than fighting over the past.

When mediation is not possible, we will work diligently to bring your matter to a fair settlement. We believe the best resolution to any dispute is one the parties create.  We use our courtroom experience to help you resolve your case with minimal time spent before a judge.  This is your life and you are the best judge of how it should be run. With candor and compassion, we help you find the path to a satisfying result.

We can help with a pre-nuptial agreement, divorce, child custody, child support, guardianship, or any other family law matter. We can also help you establish conservatorships for your loved ones when they can no longer make decisions for themselves.

We provide estate planning services to protect the life you have worked so hard to build. By creating thoughtful estate plans, we help you protect your loved ones when you can’t do so yourself.

Let us show you the benefit of our holistic approach. To get started, schedule your free phone consult today. Amanda Jarratt will discuss your matter with you and guide you towards the right solution.

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